Gem Lepidolite Sphere

The most amazing Gem Lepidolite Sphere, this lovely is so soothing, grounding, heart/mind calming, filled with surface micro rainbows and just so full of love, you could stare into this for hours.

Lepidolite is known as the Stone of Peace and its properties include:

  • Brings tranquility and balance especially in times of change and turbulence
  • Helps to soothe anxiety and help with depression due to containing lithium
  • Helps to calm a busy overloaded mind
  • Soothes the emotions
  • Encourages a restful sleep
  • Harmonises the nervous system
  • Helps to bring an emotional freedom
  • Helps you to feel safe in your own body and harmonise with your soul.

I have taken photos in direct sunlight, shade and torchlight to show this off.

Weight: 216g
Size: 5.1cm (approx)

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