Perimineralized Wood from Zwenkau, Germany


I love this so much but its work is done and its time to move on, this is the most amazing piece of Perimineralized wood, this is the stage before it becomes fully petrified and is estimated to be 200-250 million years old. This has been such a joy to work with, it’s really stabilising and grounding especially with these yo-yo energies, I found it a real source of comfort during turbulent times, it is amazing to sit and hold, running your fingers over the groves is so soothing, it’s covered in sparkles druzy quartz, has a cut base so self stands, I love seeing all the layers of the tree on the side of this, it really feels like holding the tree energies within in your hand it’s amazing.

I’ve taken pictures in different lights to show this off 🥰

Weight: 756g
Size: 15.5 x 9.5 x 4.5cm Approx 

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