About Me

My name is David and I am an Awakening Mentor and digital artist based in the UK. My goal is to help you navigate your own spiritual journey and live a heart open life.

Within this website you will find my artwork, my upcoming events, past workshop recordings and videos which I share weekly.

I previously operated under the name New Moon Art and I can still be found through social media under this name.



Through my artwork I channel universal energies and higher beings. This is a powerful aid during meditation, and a high vibrational decoration for your home.

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Work with me

I offer a couple of services where I can channel messages and artwork directly for you.

Channeled Messages

I am very excited to now be offering Channeled Messages from a higher being just for you. This could be an Ascended Master, Archangel, Your Highest Self, or any other soul of the light who has an important message for you. Perfect for those seeking a little guidance in their life.

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Soul Geometries

I am very pleased to offer custom artwork of your soul geometry! Working with this geometry has an incredible ability to bring shifts in your energy, whether it is working to anchor in your highest self, align you with your path, or help you move through the current circumstances of your life.

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The Ascension Toolkit

The Ascension Toolkit is a digital resource that I created with Tim Whild. It includes everything that you need to know about you as an energetic being and how to become a master of your own energy.

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The measurement of any given energy, be it in light form or dense, solid matter.