Channeled Messages

Are you seeking guidance?

I am very excited to share that I am now offering Channeled Messages for those seeking a little guidance in their life.

For a while now I have been including this as part of my Soul Geometry offering, but these are now available to order separately.

What is a Channeled Message?

On your behalf, I can connect to the teams of light to channel a message to support you on your path.

Who the message is from is different for each person. In most cases it will be a soul with experience in the subject that you are receiving guidance on. For instance, Archangel Chamuel may step forward with a message about Love, or St Germaine with a message of transformation.

Usually it is an Ascended Master, Archangel or perhaps one of your personal Guides or Angels.

What’s included?

You will receive:

  • A channeled message from a higher being just for you. This could be an Ascended Master, Archangel, Your Highest Self, or any other soul of the light who has an important message for you.
  • A short video from me where I read you your message and discuss it in a little more detail.
  • A written digital copy of your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request guidance on a specific subject?

After placing your order, you will automatically receive an email containing a link with a form to enter more information. This form contains a small box where you can enter a subject that you would like guidance on. However I prefer to know as little as possible about the issue so that I can rely purely on my connection to the teams of light.

Please note that I will request guidance on your chosen subject (if specified) but please understand that the messages come from the higher teams of light and they may feel it is important to guide you on a different subject matter.

How does the process work?

To book your place click the add to cart button at the bottom of this page, then complete the checkout process.

Within 30 minutes of completing payment, you will automatically receive an email with a link to a form requesting more information and a photo of you, this does not need to be a recent photo but it is helpful to clearly see your face. This helps me to connect to your energy and through to your highest self.

I am unable to channel your message until you complete this form so your space in the queue will not be reserved until this is complete.

If you do not receive the email within 30 minutes of making payment, please check your spam folder first, if you still cannot find it, please contact me.

Once you have completed the form, you will automatically receive another email within 30 minutes, this will confirm your place in the queue and provide a rough estimate of when you can expect to receive your message.

Once channeled, I will create a short video to present your message to you. You will then receive an email containing the link to watch the video along with a digital copy of your message.

How long does it take to produce?

When you place your order and provide all of the necessary information (see the process above) you will join the queue. You will automatically receive an email confirming your position and a rough guide of how long your message will take.

I aim to complete at least 4 orders per week, but depending on other commitments such as workshops etc, it may fluctuate from week to week.

There is currently 47 people in the queue. This will likely be around 6 to 7 weeks to complete. However this timeline is subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.

Sorry, all of our available slots are booked. Please check back soon.

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