Workshop Recording

Building Your Etheric Retreat

Zoom Online Workshop with David Essery

The incredible Archangel Metatron is giving us all the opportunity to build our very own Etheric Retreat, a space we can go to at any time for healing and restoration.

Many incredible Angels and Ascended Masters have their own retreats that exist within the etheric realm around planet Earth. They use these as a base of operations to work from and receive souls ready for important work.

Over the past 10 years since the great cosmic moment, lightworkers have worked tirelessly towards personal and planetary ascension. In recognition of this hard work, and to help us find an energetic equilibrium between our work in physical and the etheric, Archangel Metatron would like to gift you your very own Etheric Retreat. Your own sacred space that you can travel to whenever you wish for restoration and healing.

In this recording we will:

  • Learn about Etheric Retreats and the benefits for having your own
  • Learn about different techniques to design the perfect retreat for you
  • Work with the Angels and Unicorns to build your very own Etheric Retreat!

The price for this recording is £11. To purchase it, please complete the form below.