Workshop Recording

Preparation for Illumination, Pre-Solstice Clearing

Online Workshop with David Essery

This workshop is dedicated to releasing anything that is holding us back and energetically strengthening our light bodies in preparation for the the most important event in the history of planet earth, the December solstice.

The following is a channeled message from Ascended Master Merlin:

The coming solstice gateway is the single most important date in the history of planet earth. Let that sink in for a moment. In the billions of years since its foundation, no moment has been as pivotal as this coming date.

You are about to witness the birth of a new world, one that will catapult your planet forward into a new and high vibrational hub of the spiritual universe that will be the crown jewel for all to behold.

This does not come lightly however and will require a massive amount of energy, from the planet and the people. This is why proper preparation is important to ensure a smooth and optimum transition.

We in the teams of light are of course here to assist with this but do the work for you we cannot. As always, your conscious acceptance and participation is required.

To this end, there are two important steps to take. First the release of all that limits your light and the release of karmic ties. Secondly a building up of both the physical and light bodies to ensure sufficient energy and light levels are available to take the leap through your own fruition.

Both of these, I place myself at the ready to assist with.

In ever loving anticipation
Master Merlin

In order to help us prepare for this massive shift, I have decided to run a workshop with Merlin so that we can work together to release anything that holds us back before we move through this important gateway.

Due to the importance of this work, we have decided to offer this workshop at a reduced rate of £5.50 to make it as accessible as possible.

In this 45 minute recording we will:

  • Work to release anything that is holding us back
  • Dissolve any negative karma or contracts that no longer serves our highest purpose
  • Strengthen our light bodies and raise our vibration to provide us the energy to step through this gateway at the highest level

This workshop will be hosted live on YouTube. A recording will be available to everyone so don’t worry if you can’t join live. The recording will be just as powerful!