Workshop Recording

Restoring the Divine Feminine Blueprint

Zoom Online Workshop with David Essery

In this workshop we will work to clear the global Divine Feminine Blueprint to help restore balance to the world bring us closer to unity.

As the important window between the Solstice and the Lions Gate continues, we are being given an amazing opportunity to clear as much density as possible from our selves and our planet.

Now more than ever, in the world around us, we are seeing the fallout of the corruption of the Divine Feminine Blueprint.

For thousands of years, masculinity has asserted dominance over our planet and as such, the world has fallen out of balance. The Divine Masculine and Feminine are two halves of one whole, and we will never operate to our highest potential until these are unified and equality is established for everyone.

This imbalance has been imprinted in the Sacral Chakras of both women and men worldwide and the time has come for this to be cleared.

In this recording we will:

  • Clear our Sacral Chakras restoring balance and install a new 5D Goldprint
  • Under the law of grace, work to clear this blueprint planet wide
  • With the assistance of the United Teams of Light, clear the energetic remnants of the old patriarchal systems
  • Work to restore the balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine worldwide