Workshop Recording

The Great Release with Archangel Azrael

Online Workshop with David Essery

In this workshop, we will be joined by the incredible Archangel Azrael on a journey of Self Discovery, Release and Renewal.

April it to be a period of great change. A pivotal turning point where we shift from a time of hibernation and process, to shift into a new energetic state of positive action.

For true change to occur, we must make a choice to release the old and embrace the new. This is why the incredible Archangel Azrael has stepped forward to guide us on a journey of self discovery and renewal.

A lesser known Archangel, Azrael is commonly referred to as the Angel of death, which sounds scary, but I like to think of her as the Angel of Rebirth. This is because she works very closely with Phoenix energies and often comes to you at times of great change, at the end of old chapters, and new beginnings.

Azrael has an incredible ability to help us see within us what does not serve us and will happily assist us to release this and guide us towards our inevitable rebirth.

There has never been a better time for this level of release.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Go on a journey of self discovery with Archangel Azrael
  • Work to discover what is preventing us from becoming the person we want to be
  • With the help of Azrael, work to release blocks from our past that hold us back from becoming that person
  • Step into the new and higher you