Workshop Recording

The Renewal Cross

Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild and David Essery

We are at a pivotal time in the spiritual evolution of our planet and it is important to prepare for the coming changes by releasing that which no longer serves our divine purpose. This workshop, we will do deep personal cleanse with help from the Archangels to restore us to our highest potential.

We are at a pivotal time in the spiritual evolution of our planet. We have been hard at work since the beginning of the ascension process in 2012 as we help to not only raise the vibration of our planet, but work through lifetimes worth of blocks and challenges so that we can step forward into our True Selves and help to usher in the new age.

With 2 billion souls set to wake up by the end of the year, we are at a turning point where we will be called to service in a new way, no longer shining our light from behind the scenes but stepping onto centre stage to help teach and lead a new wave of souls as they discover a long forgotten world.

In order to do this, it is important to first let go of anything that still holds us back, to enable us to step into our higher selves. That is the purpose of this zoom workshop.

Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael have stepped forward to assist with this process and have gifted David Essery of New Moon Art a new form of Sacred Geometry he refers to as the Renewal Cross. This geometry combines powerful keys delivered by each Archangel to help purify our bodies and fields and let go of anything that no longer serves our highest purpose.

As this is a very new energy, David has done a short video with a bit more information and short visualisation to connect to the energy. You can watch it here:

During this workshop recording you will:

  • Work with the energy of the Renewal Cross
  • Work with Archangel Michael to clear any lower aspects from your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies
  • Work with Archangel Gabriel to purify any negative or lower energies left by those lower aspects in all directions of time
  • Work with Archangel Raphael to provide healing to these areas to restore you to your highest potential

This is an incredible opportunity for personal development and will be a transformational event!