1st February – 5th May 2024
19:00 – 20:30

The Soul Reclamation Pathway

3 Part Online Workshop Series with David Essery and Tim Whild

This powerful 3 part workshop series facilitated by David Essery and Tim Whild, and led by the incredible Melchizedek is dedicated to helping you fast track your ascension process and step into the highest version of you.

The path to Ascension has always been the ultimate goal of life on Earth. Souls incarnate on the beloved mother planet in order to focus their light and truly understand what it is to be alive at every level.

Despite this being the focus, of the billions of souls who have stepped foot upon the planet, only a tiny proportion have ever achieved it.

All this changed in 2012 when the Ascension Process commenced. For the first time ever in the history of our universe, the very stars themselves have aligned to support a mass awakening for the people of Earth.

For all, this brings the opportunity through rapid spiritual growth to attain, and maintain a perfect fifth dimensional vibration throughout their lifetime.

However, for those souls who are truly dedicated to the light and who have already walked many lifetimes in search of this ultimate goal, it offers the very real opportunity to not only achieve ascension, but to do so very quickly.

This is what brings us to the Soul Reclamation Pathway. This powerful 3 part workshop series facilitated by David Essery and Tim Whild, and led by the incredible Melchizedek is dedicated to helping you achieve this goal. Throughout the series we will be visiting the great etheric temple that is our Mighty I AM presence to connect with and learn about our true soul origins, and our mission in this lifetime. Then we will fully anchor this highest version of ourselves into the here and now.

This promises to be a profound and life changing experience.

The Workshops

Workshop 1

Meet your Monad

In this first part of this workshop series, we will be connecting with our monadic presence, the highest spiritual presence of us. Here we will learn about who we are at a soul level and where we came from. We will also call in the assistance of the 143 other souls that make up our monadic family to assist us on our path.

Workshop 2

Discover Your Path

In the second workshop, while maintaining our connection to our Monadic Presence, and with the assistance of our individual guardians in the light, we will learn about our mission here on earth, and receive powerful upgrades to assist us in fully stepping onto this path.

Workshop 3

Anchor Your Light

In the final part of this workshop we will work with the teams of light in order to fully download and anchor our highest selves into our physical body, opening up our access to the gifts and talents we have been acquiring across lifetimes. We will then fully align ourselves with our soul mission.

Who is Melchizedek?

Melchizedek is a 12th dimensional master teacher. Often referred to as the Father of the Angels, or King of Kings, he sits high up in the council of light. As a great director, he plays a massive but often unseen role in not just the ascension of planet Earth but all spiritual projects throughout our universe, and others. His wisdom, his compassion, and his sense of humour make him a joy to work with.

Although both David and Tim have been working with him for a number of years. It wasn’t until our workshop on the Lions Gate in 2023 that he first stepped forward to work with us on a large scale. His direct involvement with this workshop series is a truly exciting opportunity.

About the Presenters

David Essery

David is an Awakening Mentor and digital artist based in the UK. His goal is to help you navigate your own spiritual journey and live a heart open life.

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Tim Whild

Tim Whild is an ascension and Lightbody expert, who has been working closely with the evolvement of Earth for most of his life.

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What does this workshop series include?

You will receive access to all 3 workshops, both Live (hosted on YouTube) or recorded versions which you can watch at any time.

To allow us to fully anchor this energy, we are recommending making it a part of your daily practice throughout the series. For this reason, for each workshop, we are also including:

  • A 10 minute (roughly) guided meditation to connect to and anchor the energy
  • A 2 minute (roughly) audio only meditation to connect to and anchor the energy. Perfect for days when you don’t have the time to do the full meditation
  • A channelled Sacred Geometry to help anchor this energy. This will be made available in digital format as a standard landscape image, as well as a portrait version perfect for use as a wallpaper on your phone so you can keep it with you at all times.

You will receive access to these additional resources after each workshop so you can work with them in between sessions.

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