Solar Junction Chakra

“The Solar Junction Chakra” is a digital art creation by New Moon Art. It depicts the 15th Chakra at the very top of the 5th Dimensional Chakra Column.

This Chakra appears as your own personal sun and sits on the very edge of your spiritual body. It has two primary functions. It draws in light to your four body system from the 7 sevens that were activated at the Winter Solstice 2020. It also downloads codes directly from your monad to be integrated into your energetic systems.

The development of this Chakra is overseen by your highest self.

Printed on professional quality fade resistant gloss photo paper providing excellent image quality and bright vivid colours.

Please note: Although the artwork is the same as the deck of cards that we used to sell, it is printed differently. This is single sided and produced on high quality photo paper, not card like the previous version.

If you are outside of the UK, please read our Shipping Policy before ordering.