Workshop Recording

Manifesting Your Perfect Year

Online Workshop with David Essery

In this workshop we will work with the teams of light to establish and manifest a perfect vision for ourselves in 2024.

As we move into 2024 after an unbelievably powerful Solstice, we are stepping into a new and much higher vibration. One that will be very supportive to those who are in alignment with Universal Truth.

This presents us with an incredible opportunity to manifest the circumstances that we wish for our lives. By pouring our focus and intent into a vision for our future, then filling it with positive vibrations and calling upon blessings from the Angelic realms, we will manifest our perfect year.

In this workshop we will:

  • Discuss practical tips to help us maintain a positive vision for our future
  • Work to purify and fully activate our third eye at a higher vibration than ever before, made possible by the incredible shift at the December Solstice
  • Create a clear vision for what we wish to create in 2024
  • Work to clear blocks that may prevent us from manifesting this vision
  • Receive blessings from the Angels to help make our dreams a reality

In preparation for this workshop, I would encourage you to start thinking about what your perfect year looks like.